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Endangered is the original game system that New Species expands. It is a cooperative game where you must save a species that is on the edge of extinction. This means that all of the players are working together to try and defeat the challenges the game throws at you. Though you all have different roles with unique advantages, you will all either win the game together, or lose the game together. The game is not easy to win... but losing is a lesson! Come back stronger the next time with a different plan, better communication, and tighter teamwork!

The incredible enthusiastic response for the base game and the first three scenarios (Tigers, Sea Otters, and Giant Pandas) made it clear that fans wanted more. There is a whole world of threatened creatures out there for us to highlight and learn about. Endangered: New Species introduces a wide variety of new content to the Endangered system. Several new animal species and their unique challenges are included, such as the Polar Bear and the threat of melting icecaps, the Sea Turtle's harrowing journey, and the Jaguar & Tapir with their intertwined predator/prey relationship. A new Role, the Celebrity, gives players a new approach. The box is packed with new content for the thrilling game system that always keeps players on the edge of their seats!

Here we see a game of the Tiger scenario in progress. The base game included the Tiger and Sea Otter scenarios, and the Giant Panda scenario was the first expansion. Now with New Species we are adding Jaguars & Tapirs, Sea Turtles, Polar Bears, Elephants... and perhaps even more!

The solid gameplay of the Endangered system provides the backdrop for all of the new animal scenarios. While each species brings new wrinkles to your challenge, they all share the foundation of a cooperative race against the calendar and other threats.

ACTIONS. Roll your dice and then place them onto the Action spots, activating a variety of useful abilities. Stuff like moving animals around, managing the destruction of the environment, trying to influence ambassadors, preparing for Impacts, and playing cards from your hand. As the game goes on, you will be adding Actions to the play area which will develop your team's capabilities. Work together to form the best skill set! 

Here we see Blue rolling their dice, and placing one on the "Relocate" Action spot. Relocate allows an animal to move one space, so Blue moves an Elephant into a space with another one, creating a Mating Pair!

OFFSPRING. Hopefully your species will breed! Each species has different rules for generating offspring, but in general you will want to encourage the forming of mating pairs so that your chances of increasing the population go up!

A "1" is rolled which is lower than the target... this means a successful mating season. An Elephant from the supply is added next to one of the Mating Pairs on the board!

DESTRUCTION. Unavoidably, the environment will degrade. Each animal species has different rules for what happens; this could represent deforestation, pollution, melting ice, or a variety of other threats to the animal habitat. You'll carry out the relentless spread of destruction, which often eliminates animals it comes into contact with. Keep them out of harm's way!

With Elephants, you roll two dice to discover a coordinate on the map. A destruction tile is placed in that spot. You'll do this three times or until a tile lands in a space with any animals, whichever comes first. If there is a single Elephant in the space, it is now considered to be "In Captivity", a new gameplay status unique to the Elephant scenario. Any additional Elephants in the space are sadly lost.

IMPACT. The Impact deck for each species comes with an unpredictable set of Impacts. Some are positive, but most are a real threat. Fishing Bycatch, Mining, Poachers, Trash, Plastic Bags, and Climate Change are just a few of the potential disasters you might encounter. Reveal the next one from the deck and carry it out!

Here we see the "Circus Reform" impact revealed... a rare opportunity! A player may discard two cards from their hand in order to remove a Persistent Impact from play. There is a lingering Poacher card in play from earlier that has been causing difficulty, so the players seize the chance and pay the price to remove it!

Draw a new card into your hand and pass play to the next player. If everyone has acted, the Year is over and the next Year begins. If it was a voting year, check the ambassadors to see if you have earned 4 or more yes votes!

You all win the game together only if you can get 4 or more Yes votes from your ambassadors in one of your two voting years. If your team fails to do that, or if your animal population vanishes, or if the environment becomes too devastated, you all lose the game!

We’re excited to welcome back our team up with the Center for Biological Diversity, a national environmental group with an amazing staff of lawyers, scientists and organizers who fight every day for endangered wildlife and their homes. Through our alliance, every game played will advance the Center’s mission and help increase awareness about the vital need for action now to save the wild.

 As well, in the post-campaign pledge manager we will donate all of the funds from the "Tip Jar" to the Center, and we will support them with a portion of proceeds from non-Kickstarter sales. (Kickstarter's terms expressly forbid the direct donation of campaign funds.)



Available Rewards:

$105USD + Shipping


Approximately C$134, £79, €87

1 copy of Endangered + 1 copy of the Kickstarter edition of Endangered: New Species, including:

  • Jaguar & tapir scenario
  • Sea turtle scenario
  • Polar bear scenario
  • Elephant scenario
  • Celebrity role (not included in retail)
  • Spot coating on the box (not included in retail)
  • ALL unlocked stretch goals
$49USD + Shipping


Approximately C$60, £35, €39

1 copy of the Kickstarter edition of Endangered: New Species, including:

  • Jaguar & tapir scenario
  • Sea turtle scenario
  • Polar bear scenario
  • Elephant scenario
  • Celebrity role (not included in retail)
  • Spot coating on the box (not included in retail)
  • ALL unlocked stretch goals

The base Endangered game is required to play Endangered: New Species.

$99USD + Shipping


Approximately C$135, £79, €88

Endangered for retailers, zoos, aquariums, museums, schools, and libraries. Verification of retail or institutional status will be required.

This reward includes one (1) FREE copy of Endangered: New Species. Retailers will be able to make their other selections on the add-ons page. The minimum order quantity is 8 units of any combination of games.

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