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 The march of human progress threatens the survival of many vulnerable species. Work together as conservationists trying to save just one species from extinction. It will take everything you've got to stay ahead of environmental collapse and a variety of other dangers, while also enacting plans to win your species a chance at long-term survival. It’s a tricky balancing act that brings to life the complex challenges that conservationists face in trying to protect our vulnerable friends!

 Endangered is a cooperative game. This means that all of the players are working together to try and defeat the challenges the game throws at you. Though you all have different roles with unique advantages, you will all either win the game together, or lose the game together. The game is not easy to win, but losing is a lesson! Come back stronger the next time with a different plan, better communication, and tighter teamwork!

Endangered is also a modular game system. The base game includes the Tiger and Sea Otter modules; you’ll play with the environment, cards, hazards, and special rules that apply to your chosen species. We also have a number of other modules planned for a variety of threatened species. Each module tells a different story, offers unique challenges, and helps players understand the difficulties facing these animals and the conservationists determined to help them. With your help we will be able to make many modules a reality!

The Kickstarter edition comes with these extra-gorgeous custom-screened dice, featuring the role symbols in place of the 6! Three of each, so fifteen custom dice total! The Kickstarter edition will also be notable for the shiny Spot UV finish on selected areas of the box top which will make it POP off your game shelf!

 We’ve teamed up with the Center for Biological Diversity, a national environmental group with an amazing staff of lawyers, scientists and organizers who fight every day for endangered wildlife and their homes. Through our alliance, every game played will advance the Center’s mission and help increase awareness about the vital need for action now to save the wild. 

Post-Kickstarter, the Center will consult with us on the game's content to ensure that we are accurately reflecting the conservation community. They will also help us reach a population of enthusiastic animal lovers who might otherwise have never heard of Endangered.

We will be supporting them during the campaign with a special pledge level. If you choose that level, we will gift the Center one copy of Endangered as part of your pledge. They will distribute those copies through their educational initiatives!

As well, in the post-campaign pledge manager we will donate all of the funds from the "Tip Jar" to the Center, and we will support them with a portion of proceeds from non-Kickstarter sales. (Kickstarter's terms expressly forbid the direct donation of campaign funds.

Endangered is played in turns. On your turn, you go through 5 phases:

Roll your dice and then place them onto the Action spots, triggering a number of useful abilities. Stuff like moving animals around, managing the destruction of the environment, trying to influence ambassadors, preparing for Impacts, and playing cards from your hand. As the game goes on, you will be adding Actions to the play area which will develop your team's capabilities. Work together to form the best skill set!

Hopefully your species will breed! Each species has different rules for generating offspring, but in general you will want to encourage the forming of mating pairs so that your chances of increasing the population go up!

Unavoidably, the environment will degrade. For Tigers it is deforestation; for Sea Otters it is Oil Spills. Here you'll carry out the relentless spread of destruction, which eliminates any animals it comes into contact with. Keep them out of harm's way!

The Impact deck for each species comes with an unpredictable set of Impacts. Some are positive, but most are a real threat. Clearcutting, Poachers, Sharks, Fragmentation, and Government Upheaval are just a few of the potential disasters you might encounter. Reveal the next one from the deck and carry it out!

Draw a new card into your hand and pass play to the next player. If everyone has acted, the Year is over and the next Year begins. If it was a voting year, check the ambassadors to see if you have earned 4 or more yes votes!

You all win the game together only if you can get 4 or more Yes votes from your ambassadors in one of your two voting years. If your team fails to do that, or if your animal population vanishes, or if the environment becomes too devastated, you all lose the game!

  Check out the previews, reviews, and quotes below!

We’re happy to support Tantrum House Season 6 with a set of promotional Ambassador cards you can find on their campaign. These cards will be available after our campaign, and you are getting a complete game even without them. Both the Guild and Tantrum House thank you for your support!

Available Rewards:

$60USD + Shipping


1 copy of the Kickstarter edition of Endangered including:

  • Custom Role dice, not available in the Retail release
  • Spot coating on the box
  • ALL unlocked stretch goals
$210USD + Shipping


Endangered for Brick & Mortar Retailers, Zoos, Aquariums, Museums, and Schools.

You will receive 7 Kickstarter versions of Endangered + 1 demo copy for FREE. You will also receive all Kickstarter stretch goals pertaining to the base game.

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